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Altec Lansing Unveils New Audio Lineup at CES 2024, Revolutionizing Sound for Every Lifestyle

Altec Lansing, the leading global audio electronics company, announces the introduction of more than 40 new audio products at CES 2024. Building on its legacy of sound innovation, Altec Lansing continues to push boundaries with a diverse lineup of products that cater to all interests and lifestyles.


Taking its industry-first "EVERYTHINGPROOF" technology to the next level, Altec Lansing will introduce the Hydra 2.0 series at CES, featuring a new mount it, clip it, stick it, wear it capabilities. Music lovers will love the lifestyle versatility of the bult-in magnet, carabiner clip, mount-ability to a bike, ATV or golf cart, or bungee it to the back of a tail gate on your truck. These features now marry up well with the rugged DNA of the brand with its continued sand, dust and waterproof ability to enjoy tunes wherever people want, solidifying the speaker’s position as the ideal choice for everyday use, regardless of lifestyle.


Altec Lansing’s rich history only pushes the team to innovate at a greater level. Ensuring that it remains on the bleeding edge of audio technology, the company currently offers a diverse range of portable Bluetooth speakers, headphones, earbuds, party speakers and more.


"We are dedicated to continually creating new products and updates that deliver life-like audio experiences for everyone, wherever they are,” said Ike Franco, Founder & CEO of Infinity Brands, the parent company of Altec Lansing. “Since 1927, we've pioneered sound innovations for some of the most significant events in history like Woodstock and the 1984 Olympics, and our commitment to crafting audio products that produce high-quality sound for any lifestyle remains unwavering. Convenience is key to the future of audio technology as the demand for on-the-go music rises, and we're on the forefront of enabling any user experience.”


Hydra 2.0 Series

Introducing the Hydra 2.0 series – the next generation of a versatile and durable line of speakers designed for ultimate convenience. Mount it, clip it, stick it, or wear it – this EVERYTHINGPROOF innovation floats in water, resists damage from sand and dust, and uniquely offers Qi wireless charging while playing music. With a new magnetization feature, carabiner clipping, built-in 6-degree pedestal for optimal audio dispersion and Party Sync for coupling over 100 speakers, Hydra 2.0 speaker options combine portability and performance. Boasting a refreshed look with a new logo, grill/plating and vibrant colors, this lineup of speakers delivers the best audio quality at an unmatched market value.


New EVERYTHINGPROOF Hydra 2.0 speakers include the:

·       HydraTrek

·       HydraMini 2.0

·       Hydra Active

·       HydraWave

·       HydraMotion 2.0

·       HydraJolt 2.0

·       HydraBlast 2.0

·       HydraBoom 2.0

·       HydraShock 2.0


Party Speakers and DJ Equipment

In 2024, Altec Lansing will be launching a new line of DJ equipment and bass pumping party speakers that promise an enhanced audio experience, available in a variety of colors. Additionally, an all-in-one projector with integrated speakers will debut, catering to both indoor and outdoor entertainment needs.


New party speakers include:

·       SoundRover PRO 650

·       SoundRover Thunder

·       SoundRover Xtreme

·       Sonic Boom 100

·       Sonic Boom 150


New DJ equipment includes:

·       USB DJ Controller

·       Professional Direct Drive DJ Turntable

·       Belt Drive Turntable

·       In-ear monitors

·       Studio monitors

·       Active Near Field Monitors

·       Professional Active PA Speakers


Kids Headphones Line

Altec Lansing, recognized as the fastest-growing kid-safe headphone brand in the U.S. per Circana/Retail Tracking Service, introduces upgraded features to its kid-friendly audio line. The true wireless earbuds maintain a secure 85dB limit, providing 30 hours of playtime, splash resistance and have the ability to plug in an Aux cable. New this year, Altec Lansing will launch a model with a built-in tracker, helping ensure children’s safety or simplify locating misplaced headphones. The new line will include fresh color patterns and sizes, further elevating the overall experience.


Products that will be featured at CES include:

·       Kid Safe Wired Headphones

·       Kid Friendly 2-in-1 Headphones

·       Kid Friendly 2-in-1 Headphones with Tracker

·       Kid Friendly Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones


High-Performance Headphones

For those on the move, Altec Lansing’s new headphones combine quality, innovativeness and value to meet anyone’s needs. TWS headphones and earbuds feature a super slim charging case along with an open ear concept to allow listeners to hear their music without being isolated from the world around them, and there’s a clip-on version to securely hold earbuds to the ear. The Nano Series includes updates to pack superior sound into the tiniest earbuds plus a single microphone environmental noise suppression allows you to hear and be heard clearly. This year, Altec Lansing is introducing the Hydrabud Series, a new line of earbuds that are water and sweat proof, deliver a IP65 TWS audio experience and can feature active noise cancelling capabilities. And for those wanting an over-the-ear headphone, the upgrades to the Altec Lansing line include a foldable on-the-go design and active noise cancellation, available in more colors with added battery life.


New headphones that will be on display include:

·       Whisper 2.0

·       Nanophones ANC 2.0

·       Nanophones 2.0

·       ComfortQ 2.0

·       Evolution 2.0

·       R3volution 2.0

·       The “Clip” OWS

·       Sport Active OWS

·       Nanobuds 3.0

·       Nanobuds Pro 2.0

·       Nanobuds Sport 2.0

·       Nanobuds ANC 2.0

·       Hydrabuds

·       Hydrabuds Sport

·       Hydrabuds ANC


Hi-Fi Equipment

In an exciting addition to its 2024 lineup, Altec Lansing will provide a sneak peek into the launch of its new Hi-Fi Equipment. This innovative technology promises high-quality, affordable sound with seamless streaming app pairing that surpasses CD quality. From the lowest to highest pitches, it will deliver a life-like concert experience at home. Altec Lansing continues its legacy of bridging price gaps, offering immersive audio solutions alongside other cutting-edge products. Stay tuned for more details to come later this year.


The new Altec Lansing products will be available in Q2. The leading audio equipment provider will be showcasing its full lineup including the Hydra 2.0 Series, Kids Headphones, Party Speaker Series, DJ equipment, Portable all-in-one Projector, Hi-Fi equipment and the recently acquired AIWA line at booth LVCC – Central Hall #16432 during CES.


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