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INFINITY BRANDS’ multi-faceted approach towards growing and repositioning its assets have made it an industry leader in the branding space. Repositioning strategies include aligning product development with manufacturing, optimizing distribution across retail and e-commerce platforms, and full 360 marketing support for ongoing consumer engagement. The company also seeks to revitalize product to deliver to an expanded audience of multi-cultural and multi-generational demographics. 

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A global leader in the audio electronics industry since 1927. 


Founded in 1927, Altec Lansing's rich heritage has contributed to key moments in audio history that revolutionized the landscape forever.

From delivering sound to the first motion picture in 1927, to being the sound system for iconic performances and live entertainment, including when the Beatles produced music at Abbey Road, the build-out of Shea Stadium, and the iconic Woodstock music festival in 1969, to setting a world record in 1973 for largest share of equipment in recording studios — Altec Lansing has a world-renowned legacy for its innovation in sound.


High-quality spring water enhancing the future of hydration


PULSE+ has expanded it's product line to make water tailored for the whole family. From sipping on-the-go with PULSE+ enhanced water, refueling for game-day with official sport teams, or hydrating with your favorite Disney, Lucasfilm, or Marvel characters.

Water quality, promoting healthy lifestyles, memorable experiences, and sustainability are at the core of what we do.

Le Tigre
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Disrupter of Classic American Style since 1977. 


Le TIGRE was formed in 1977 as a lifestyle sportswear brand that applied bold patterns and vibrant colors to classic designs. The brand quickly gained cultural significance through the 1980s and 1990s, and the trademark leaping tiger logo appeared prominently in pop culture at the time.

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Delivering innovative and distinctively designed equipment since 1951.


Founded in 1951, the Japanese engineered brand AIWA, now managed by Infinity Brands, is globally known for making quality and reliable audio products. From creating the first Japanese tape recorder in 1964, to leading the bookshelf system category in the 1990s, the name is well known among audiophiles for their innovative and distinctive designed audio equipment.

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